Does Dortmund Have An ‘On, Off’ Switch?


Will Erling Haaland stay with Dortmund? Kres Harrington gives his analysis, find out by clicking on the podcast player below!

With the 2021/2022 German football season well underway, It was Bayern Munich who tasted silverware first after defeating Borussia Dortmund 3-1 in the German Supercup final. Robert Lewandowski was on the scoresheet yet again after netting a brace, alongside a single goal by Thomas Müller. After this defeat, Dortmund traveled to Freiburg for their matchday 2 encounter. Dortmund fell yet again, this time being defeated 2-1. You’d think the score sheet, being 2-1, looks like a tight matchup, but Freiburg scored an own goal in that match.

In the latest episode of the SL Podcast’ ‘The Bundesliga Connection,’ DW Sports Correspondent and German football expert Kres Harrington dives deep in analyzing the current situation with Borussia Dortmund, evening saying that ‘Dortmund need to convince star player Erling Haaland to stay.’ Let’s not forget that for over a year, big clubs from all leagues have been salivating over the Norweigan, but Dortmund set a price tag that was deemed as astronomical. When the winter transfer window opens in January, Haaland will have a €60-odd million release clause, which will be more appealing if he is set to leave.

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