The Day Has Finally Come!


Which PSL star thinks playing football without fans is boring? Find out by listening in the podcast player below!

After PSL Chairman Irvin Khoza announced that fans will be able to return to stadiums from the 8th of April 2022, soccer fans around the country have been celebrating this news. This news has come with extreme excitement after the last 2 years; which saw stadiums sitting empty. Fans have been itching to get their tickets, to see their favourite teams live in the flesh, and now, it is finally going to happen. Fans speaking on the SL Podcast’s Fan Reaction Show all express positive emotions saying how it’s been too long, with one fan even saying that the 12th man helps teams perform better and that this will be a big boost for Chiefs. The 12th man has spoken, however, the Fan Reaction Show features opinions from the likes of Reyaad Pieterse, Willard Katsande, Ruzaigh Gamildien, and many more! These players have each given their own expression towards the fans’ return!

On the latest episode of the Fan Reaction Show, the 12th man of Mzansi football expresses joy and excitement towards their return to stadiums. PSL stars also get a chance to elaborate on how special this occasion is going to be with one even saying he thinks football in front of an empty stadium is boring!

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