What Will Happen When The Smoke Settles?


Sadio Mane has recently announced that he wants to leave Liverpool, why does this move seem like a downgrade? Find out by clicking on the podcast player below!

Before the UEFA Champions League final, Senegalese superstar Sadio Mane mentioned that a message will be delivered after the match, the winger lived up to this promise with the message being that he wants to leave Liverpool. Liverpool have explained that 2 conditions need to be met for Mane to leave (read below).

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DW Sports correspondent Kres Harrington has looked into this rumoured move and has explained that 3 things need to happen for this move to be more feasible; Gnabry and Lewandowski need to leave the club (they each have reasons behind wanting a move) and Nagelsmann needs to find a place for the 30-year old.

Let’s not forget that top-flight football in England is considered to be the pinnacle of league football, overpowering Germany, meaning that should Sadio Mane leave Liverpool, he will in theory be downgrading his career. But on the contrary, he could be joining a beast of a team on the pitch in Bayern Munich. “One thing that needs to be made clear is that Germany isn’t for everyone,” Harrington explains.

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