Where Does This Leave Dortmund?


With the transfer season well underway, arguably the most noticeable transfer that has happened is Manchester United confirming the signature of English ‘wonderkid’, Jadon Sancho. The red Devils have had to wait over 12 months to confirm this signing, with negotiations going back and forth between them and Borussia Dortmund. You could say that it was worth the wait as United managed to secure the deal this past week for 30 million Euros less than Dortmunds’ original asking price they laid down over a year ago. The English Football League, is arguably the most difficult league to prosper in, so the question remains, is Sancho ready for this leap?

DW Sports correspondent, Kres Harrington states that Sancho is more than ready, eager too, for this move. Harrington explains that Sancho had a fall out with United rivals Manchester City a few years ago and has been wanting to come back to English football.

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