Why The Nations League Is A Competition Too Many?


The UEFA Nations League is well underway and coach Hansi Flick had something to say about it. To find out what was said, click on the podcast player below!

The UEFA Nations League has continued into the second week of the tournament, with draws seeming to be the common denominator amongst the bigger European sides. The sad reality of this competition is that no team that participates in all the other major tournaments cares for the Nations League. Many players such as Kevin de Bruyne have spoken out against the Nations League, questioning its relevance. Germany national coach Hansi Flick mentioned that the format of the league, the games being Back to back to back, and the congestion is too much for the players having just come out of a full Bundesliga, DFB Pokal, and UCL year, being squished into a shorter space of time due to the previous 2 years of the Covid 19 pandemic. The players are fatigued and to make matters worse, the Bundesliga 2022/23 season will start a week earlier to compensate for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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Later in the show, the questions circulating Sadio Mane’s move to Bayern Munich get answered and Kres speaks on the eagles of Eintracht Frankfurt (winners of the 2021/22 UEL) facing Real Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup

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