Will He Start Against Bayern?


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With Robert Lewandowski failing to make history to become the first Pole to win the Ballon Dā€™or, his rival striker made history this past weekend against Wolfsburg. Erling Haaland, who has been out injured for some time now, came on in the second half and netted his 50th Bundesliga goal in the 80th, thus becoming the youngest player to reach the 50 goal mark in the Bundesliga. Haaland has made history by also achieving these 50 goals in 50 appearances; the Norwegian has also grabbed himself a cool 9 assists. Speaking on the SLPodcastā€™s ā€˜The Bundesliga Connectionā€™ DW Sports Correspondent and German football expert Kres Harrington says that he didnā€™t expect Haaland to even feature on the game day as the club had kept his return under wraps, ā€œHaaland himself might have pushed for a return.ā€

On the latest episode of The Bundesliga Connection, DW Sports Correspondent and German football expert Kres Harrington speaks about how Union Berlin and Bayer Leverkusen had the chance to join the top 4 in the League. Kres also talks about the derby between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund taking place this weekend and says ā€œIf Haaland is in the lineup, itā€™s a problem for Bayern.ā€

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