Will Sancho Get Game time?


With no Bundesliga football going on, the EURO’s are well underway with many Bundesliga players representing their respective countries. Although England has played some mouth-watering football, the one thing that is for sure is that the three lions have failed to score goals, and with Jadon Sancho sitting on the bench having not played a single minute at this year’s competition, heads are being scratched with Gareth Southgates’ decision. Sancho has had a fantastic few seasons in the Bundesliga, scoring plenty of goals and assisting many more. Sancho is targeting by Manchester United for what could be the record signing for any English player, everyone is thinking the same thing, when will Sancho get to play?

In the latest episode of the SL Podcast’s “The Bundesliga Connection” DW Sports correspondent and German football expert, Kres Harrington provides an in-depth breakdown of the Sancho-Southgate situation. “I don’t believe what he said” explains Kres after quoting Gareth Southgate.

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